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Simon Crab and his Invisible Cities

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Invisible Cities by Simon Crab album cover on Space Ritual

Simon Crab and his Invisible Cities release.

Recently conducted an interview with Simon Crab about his latest album, Invisible Cities for Chain D.L.K.. As always, Simon Crab makes interesting and enjoyable music where he deftly combines electronics and acoustic instrumental into musical narrative. The cover art for Invisible Cities is interesting too, instead of his usual typographically-driven stuff, like on After America and Demand Full Automation, he paradoxically achieves a more organic look with the decidedly inorganic AI approach. It is always fascinating to learn about Crab’s composition process and the ideas that inform the music. Specifically his ‘egalitarian’ approach to using accessible instruments and software synthesis. Learning about the life experiences that inform the music is also fun, like tapping into Crab's activist riot days. Read the interview and review and find out for your self. Better yet, hit play on the embed below.

Space Ritual · Simon Crab Invisible Cities LP (SR006)