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Lisbon, Portugal's Walt Thisney.

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Holothisc by Whalt (sic) Thisney album cover on Silent Flow

Whalt (sic) Thisney and his Holothisc release.

There is some confusion about the spelling of Walt Thisney (the label, Silent Flow, made an error and named him 'Whalt' Thisney), a prolific ambient/experimental music producer from Lisbon, Portugal who has produced one of my favorite ambient releases. Each listen like falling from a frozen lake surface into an icy immerse. Holothisc on the excellent Silent Flow netlabel is a gem on an otherwise gorgeous musical crown. Sure this album may not be new, but it is not always about that. Sometimes it is about whether something is actually any good.

Am not sure who Walt Thisney is, but really enjoy this release. Do yourself a favor and hit the play button on the Creative Commons release.

Even moreso, check out the most excellent and beautiful Moldova-based Silent Flow netlabel website. The album cover is consistently beautiful and the music, more often then not, is fantastic.